Days 188-196

Block in peace. That's right! Last weekend I finished the applied I-cord edging! Momma proved herself very much to be The Best Mother by stopping by the local yarn store to pick up the very last skein of yarn needed for the project. I really only needed a few more yards, but now I have… Continue reading Days 188-196


Days 186-87

Total Rows: 421 Rows I-cord: 2 corners I've run out of Harvest Wheat for the I-cord. The amount of spare Harvest Wheat after the afghan proper seemed like it could have been enough when I started the I-cord, but it only covered a little over half of the edging. Bummer. Among the bummers running through… Continue reading Days 186-87

Day 180

Today's Rows: 5 rows Total Row Count: 413 rows Major I-cord ponderings today. I went to trusty Youtube to brush up on my I-cord technique, because I still have¬†just a few more¬†rows and I am mentally on to the next step already. My knitting resources of choice on Youtube are VeryPink Knits and The Unapologetic… Continue reading Day 180

Day 122-133

Cumulative Rows: 7 Rows Total Rows: 301 Rows What a happy day! Friday afternoon I received an email which quickly became my main motivation to get through the final tasks of the week. The email was the highly anticipated notice that my local yarn store had received the latest shipment from Stonehedge and a specific… Continue reading Day 122-133